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Hello. My name is William Betts, creator of Tai Chi for Beginners.

Thanks for stopping by, but most importantly, thanks for taking time out of your busy day to watch this video.

Now, for those that don't know me, I first discovered the ancient art of Tai Chi about fifteen years ago.

At that time I was in a pretty poor state of health, both mentally and physically, and I was looking for a more natural alternative method to cure myself. I didn't want to go the route of Western medicine, drugs, and surgery. So I was blessed to find this ancient art form called Tai Chi.

Now, through my deep study and practicing of Tai Chi, I was really able to transform my health from a really low, poor state to a very high state.

It really had such a profound impact on my life, I wanted to dedicate myself to sharing this art with others. I really wanted to shout it from the rooftops and tell everybody about it.

So, about ten years ago, I started teaching in-person classes her locally in West Palm Beach, Florida. And then about five or six years ago, I started teaching online.

Now, my online community has really grown. It's a vibrant community full of like-minded individuals, and it's really humbling how many followers I have, and I'm always touched to hear the stories of how these arts have affected people.

Now the reason I tell you this is because teaching online in this format, through video, through live webinars, is a bit different than teaching in person. So because I've been doing this for five or six years online, I've really refined my methods of teaching, so you're able to learn quickly and effectively.

As I said, we've really grown a very sizeable, strong community online. Now what I try to do, I'm so appreciative, so humbled by this community and how I've touched other people and helped other people, I like to give back whenever I can. And that's my motivation, that's the reasoning behind “TaiChi For Beginners”

My community, my followers right now, are going through this course, but I wanted to branch this out to a wider audience as well.

So this course is totally and completely free. All you need to do is enter your email address and you're given access to the member's area.

Now this is not just a very quick-hitter course. This is really going to give you all the tools you need. By the end of the series, you're going to have a nice exercise routine, which applies the fundamentals of Tai Chi, to where you can really realize the benefits.

You'll first begin to understand Tai Chi, and then actually realize the benefits, experience the benefits for yourself.

So let me go through this video series for you, and tell you a little bit more what it's about.

There's going to be five videos in total.

Video 1: Posture of Preparation

In the first video I'm going to go through, I'm going to show you a posture of preparation. If you've studied Tai Chi at all, or researched Tai Chi at all, it really all beging with a posture of preparation.

But the way I teach it is now just, “Stand still with your feet shoulder-width apart and relax”! It's a more intuitive, deeper method, of allowing you to feel how to prepare.

If we don't prepare properly, we're not going to get any benefit, or at least a lesser benefit, from our Tai Chi.

So I'm going to teach you very specific methods of how to understand, how to feel and experience this posture of preparation.

Now I do this through acupoints. Acupoints are just like the acupuncture you hear about in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupoints are specific areas of the body.

Now, when I am teaching you this posture of preparation, I'm going to reveal to you four or five different sets of acupoints to help you feel and experience how you're supposed to be in a proper position.

So these acupoints are where all the movements, all the feelings of Tai Chi come from, and I'm going to show you those in the first video.

Video 2: Breath Developer & Energy Cultivation

Now the second video I call the “Breath developer and energy cultivation”. A lot of the problems we have in our world today and with ourselves are where the mind and body have become disconnected.

Our mind is racing so much, with worries about what we didn't get done yesterday, worrying about what we have to do tomorrow, or later today, our mind and body are disconnected.

So, through these arts, we're going to reconnect our mind and body. The easiest and quickest way to do this is through our breath.

I teach you specific breathing techniques to help calm your mind, and reconnect that mind-body. I really want to enhance, bring back that mind-body connection.

A lot of the benefits from Tai Chi come from our breath. So, if we're not breathing properly, we're not realizing the full benefits of Tai Chi.

In the second part of this second video, I'm going to show you energy cultivation exercises.

By “energy”, you'll hear different people refer to it in different ways. You hear “Chi”, you hear “Energy”, you hear “Vitality”… that's all referencing the same thing.

The healing power of Tai Chi comes from harnessing and cultivating this internal energy - this internal Chi. In the second video, along with the breath exercies, I'm going to show you specific exercises first how to feel this Chi, and then to cultivate it and use it.

So again I'm giving you specific step-by-step methods to experience these things and really understand what this is all about.

Video 3: Yin-Yang

In the third video, I'm going to explore the theory of Yin-Yang with you. Yin-Yang, everybody knows so well, is the black and white symbol.

Yin-Yang theory is one of the two founding principles, the two primary fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is also incorporated in Tai Chi.

This is where the health benefits come from. Now Yin-Yang theory is not only about balance, but it's also about the energy cultivation.

When you have two opposites in balance, you have balance in life, you have balance physically. But also, when opposites cooperate, positive and negative, like terminals of electricity, energy flows between these two opposites.

So I'm going to show you two different parts of that Yin-Yang theory. And I'm going to give you specific exercises to understand this and incorporate this into your body, in specific movements.

Video 4: Pushing Hands Routine

And in the fourth video (I'm really excited about) I'm going to show you a Tai Chi Pushing-Hands Routine.

Pushing-hands in Tai Chi, in Chinese, is referred to as “tuishou”.

Tai Chi pushing-hands, you've often seen this as, two people almost pretend-fighting. It's like a beautiful dance. That's “pushing hands”.

I'm going to show you a specific Tai Chi pushing-hands routine. It's a solo routine, and what this is is it's not only showing you the martial art applications of the Tai Chi, but it's also incorporating all these benefits that we went through in the first few videos to one exercise. So that is the “Tai Chi Pushing Hands”.

Video 5: Your Complete Routine

And in the final video, the fifth video, I'm going to bring everything together for you, and it'll be one nice, solid routine.

It will flow from the beginning, the preparation, breath development, energy cultivation, Yin-Yang theory, and we're going to finish with the Tai Chi pushing hands.

It's one routine, one exercise form, and just by doing this every day, I guarantee you your health is going to really skyrocket!

Start Today!

So, as you can see, this is quite a full, intensive course.

And, again, Tai Chi for Beginners, this course, is absolutely free. There is no catch. All you have to do is enter your email address and then you'll be given instant access to our member's area.

This is my way of giving back. I'm so grateful, I'm so humbled, to be able to share these teachings with others, I've always just delighted, it really touches my heart, to hear from my members and my followers how this has affected them.

So, again, enter your email address and you'll be given instant access.

Thanks again. I hope this information has served you well, and I hope to see you inside.

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